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The following document gives an account of the Privacy Policy for the Printing Large, website: www.printinglarge.com

Printing Larges ensures the privacy of its users. When you submit the required information on the website (www.printinglarge.com), the user referred as (user, you or your) will be giving the right to collect, use and disclosure of your submitted information according to privacy policy. Printing Large ensures its users to keep their information safe and not to disclose it to any other party.


Collection of your personal information

To access the customer service or support, the provision of personal information is mandatory. Other than that there are many features that can be accessed without providing personal information.


Sharing of your personal information

Other companies can be hired at times to provide services on behalf of printing large. Those companies will be allowed to access the data or information including but not limited to customer service enquiries, customer freight shipping or processing transactions required to provide the services. Printing Large will make sure to bind the hired companies by privacy policy and confidentiality to secure the personal data of users.


How we use cookies

A small file named cookie asks permission to be stored on hard drive of computer and is added by your approval. It keeps to updated about when you visited a particular website and to analyze the web traffic and let the applications to respond to you as individual. By remembering your preferences, collecting information of needs, likes and dislikes, the web application can customize its features for you.

It is up to you to accept or remove cookies. For this you can modify your browser as some browsers automatically accept cookies. You can turn settings to decline if you don’t want cookies and that will prevent from automatic addition by website.


Links to other websites

The links to other websites of interest may be provided on our website. We have no control over those websites when you use those links and leave our site. In that case we will not be responsible for privacy and protection of any personal information the user share on those websites while visiting. You will be responsible for the privacy policy applicable on that visited website.


Limitation of Liability

Printing Large and its directors, partners, agents, employees, affiliates or suppliers will not be accountable for any damage or loss whether it is direct or not caused by your use of site. You will not subject us to accountability for any losses, expenses arising from violation of rights, costs and agree to defend and indemnify us.


Legal Disclaimer

This site provides no warranty of any kind and operates as “As-Available” and “As-Is”.  For events not in our direct control, we will not be held responsible. The Federal laws of the United Arab Emirates govern the privacy policy. Any legal action related to our site or against the provided services must be followed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

Printing large holds the right to make any required changes whenever required in this privacy policy. For any further updates, keep visiting our page.


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