Quantity Price (CMYK Printing) Price (Foiling)
100 Cards AED 300/- AED 305/-
500 Cards AED 680/- AED 585/-



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When you own a luxurious business, it’s a must thing to get elegant-looking cards that can represent your business with exquisite class. However, the standard paper-made business cards have gotten old now or don’t work with luxurious companies.

In other words, the standard business cards are not just suitable for the exquisite companies. As we all know, Dubai is a fancy place where exquisite-looking things do attract people a lot quicker than standard ones. The same rule applies when it comes to business cards.

When you own a luxurious office, and your business is bigger, you also need the plastic transparent business cards to represent it the way it should be. Let’s dig deep and learn more about transparent business cards Dubai and translucent business card printing in Dubai.

What makes transparent business cards luxurious?

The transparent business cards are made from plastic instead of paper, which is a mesmerizing thing to know. Whenever you hand someone your business card, they don’t just look at it right away. Thus, your business card should have that unique feel of touch, which makes it eye-catching, and the transparent business cards in Dubai have that potential in them.

Do you know the following business cards also come in different designs? Which allows you to choose from a wide variety to promote your business uniquely and creatively.

What designs are available in translucent business cards printing Dubai?

We will talk about the three most luxurious and popular designs of the following business cards: best-selling and have that creative and eye-catching look in them.

    • Clear plastic business cards
      Clear plastic business cards are also known as transparent business cards. They have this see-through look, making them attractive and unique. Moreover, they give an exquisite feel of touch too. 
  • Frosted plastic business cards
    The frosted plastic business cards have a glass-look finish, making them eye-catching enough to grab the client’s attention easily. They have the best bright contrast look as the glass makes the color pop-out. 
  • White plastic business cards
    This transparent business card has a white background, you can use bright colors to contrast with the white color. The following business card’s both sides are printable, making them a choice of luxury.

Moreover, they come in various sizes and are entirely customizable. Get your brand the most updated-looking business cards and promote it with style.


Where to find professional printers?

Finding professionals who can do the perfect printing of the transparent business card might be hard, but you don’t have to be worried as we are here to provide you the services you need.

If you are looking to get your brand the transparent business cards, then hire our services now and get the translucent business cards printing in Dubai started today. We can do all your business card printing stuff at the most affordable prices. 



It might not be very clear to choose the right business cards for your company, and If you are looking to get your brand the most luxurious business cards known as transparent business cards, you are exactly at the right place.

This article has mentioned detailed information about transparent business cards and where to find professional printers. Read the entire article to learn more.

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