Thick business cards


Quantity Price
100 Cards AED 235/-
500 Cards AED 345/-
1000 Cards AED 480/-




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Standard business cards don’t work anymore, especially if you are willing to grow your business with little tricks. However, the business card might be a little trick for you, but it works excellent when promoting and impressing new customers. Therefore your business card should always be attractive enough to grab other’s attention as soon as they hold it.

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The appearance of your business card matters, but do you know what matters the most? The feel when you touch the business card. Thick business cards give an exquisite feel when touched, which grabs the client’s attention and makes them look at it. Once they start looking at it, they assuredly read all the information mentioned on it.

Why are thick business cards better?

Thick business cards are better for marketing and are considered a long-term investment because of the following factors.


  • Durability
    Business cards made from low quality paper usually get damaged too early, which is not a good thing, especially when it’s about promoting your business. The quality of your business cards shows how interested you are in your industry. Thus it always should be luxurious, and thick business cards are the most suitable ones that you should consider.
  • Paper quality and options
    Thick business cards have a vast range of variety when it comes to papers. They can be made from several papers according to the thickness you desire in your business cards, allowing you to make your business card from scratch according to what will go right with your brand.
  • Glossy look
    When we said appearance do matter in the business cards, we really meant it. These thick business cards have the most exquisite and stylish look that assuredly makes them more eye-catchy, making it easier to get client’s attention.
  • Various designs
    Thick business cards are available in a vast range of designs, which helps you choose what can promote your brand in an enhanced way. Designs are the essential factor of the business cards, and when you have more options, you are free to choose the best.
  • Several coloring patterns can be added
    As we have mentioned earlier, these thick business cards are made from thicker paper, which makes it easier to add different colors to them such as; edge-painting, etc.  You can also get these cards printed from both sides as they are thicker than the standard business cards.

Where to find the thick business card printing professionals?

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