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Quantity Price
100 Cards AED 205/-
500 Cards AED 405/-
1000 Cards AED 505/-
Card Material: 400gsm art matt with Matt Lamination.



Round Corners





Your business cards should be professional enough, and as we all know, Dubai is a place where fancy things do matter. When it comes to promoting your business with small things, the business cards work great. However, the spot UV business cards are the ideal ones that you should consider as they have this eye-catchy look which not just grabs the client’s attention but convinces them to try you out if everything’s done right.

You might be thinking about what Spot UV business cards are; let’s guide you a little about them to make things smoother for you.

What is spot UV?

Business cards are all about the perfect combination of art and creativity. Thus the Spot UV involves that clear crystal look because of the shiny coating applied to several areas of the card to make the brightest contrast. It is one of the most luxurious choices of business cards and works great in enhancing your business.

However, the coating can be applied to the whole card, depending on what you desire. The spot thing is worth mentioning here as it is the practice of picking out the design’s particular elements to help give the most significant contrast that matches the design. Also, it helps in making the impacts last-longer too.

Basically, spot colours are used to help identify the most signifcant part of this business card. 

How we do the spot UV business cards printing in Dubai?

The spot UV cards are available in various coatings and standard ones; the sheets are fed through the machines containing rollers that flood the sheet with UV coatings. Once the coating process is done, the sheet is directly fed under the infrared and UV lamps, which instantly dries the sheet.

Now comes the spot processing. The UV varnish is spread across the die-cut template; it’s often a fragile film placed on or over the sheet to ensure that the required elements are coated only, which creates a tremendous contrasting effect and makes the following business card look eye-catchy. Our spot UV business cards printing in Dubai is professional, and we ensure no mistakes are made during printing.

What makes the spot UV business cards printing in Dubai so unique?

Spot UV is one of the most luxurious and deluxe printing techniques. It provides an unexceptional and unique way to introduce your business to new customers with the right exquisite style and create a strong impression.

You can also pair these exquisite looking cards with various matte and other laminations to give them a perfect feel and look. It will assuredly help add depth to the contrast, enhancing the business card look in every manner.

Why should you consider us?

We believe in our customer’s satisfaction, and therefore, to achieve it, we make sure we work accordingly to what you desire. We understand how business marketing is an essential factor, and the business cards are like a handshake to the customers.

Hire our services now and get your spot UV business cards printing in Dubai started in no time that too at affordable prices. 


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