painted edge Business cards


Quantity Price
100 Cards AED 160/-
500 Cards AED 405/-



Round Corners




Business cards come in a vast range of variety but only a few standouts because of the impressive looks. The business card’s purpose is to impress your clients at the first look, not just telling what your business is all about. The professional your business card will look, the more interest your client will take. 

It’s time that you start setting yourself off from the standard business cards and replace them with the edge painted business cards. These cards have beautiful inked edges, which adds more character and interest to them than just making them look like a flat piece of paper.

Suppose you are a creative business owner like artist, photographer, etc., and want your business to stand out. In that case, the painted edge business cards are the most suitable option for you as this card has an eye-catchy look which grabs the customer’s attention in the first place.

What makes the edge painted business card special?

Are you still concerned about what is so special about these business cards? Don’t worry; we will tell you more about them. Moreover, we will also mention where you can get color edge business card printing in Dubai.

  • Thickness
    Have you ever noticed how flat the standard business cards are and how easily they get damaged? But this is not the case with the color-edge business cards as they are twice in thickness compared to the standard ones, making them look attractive by giving them a standout look.
  • Solid feel
    The color edge business card gives a high-end and solid feel when touched, which helps grab the customer’s attention as you can’t ever avoid something that impresses you, and this is what applies here too.
  • Colored edges
    What makes a business card look attractive? The looks. Right? And when it comes to looks, the color edge business cards have the most aesthetically pleasing look you have ever seen. These are thick and have inked edges, enhancing the overall look of the card.

What colors are available in color edge business cards printing Dubai?

The color edge business cards come in many exquisite-looking colors, making it easy for you to select accordingly which color can represent your business in a better way. Whether it’s shiny, sleek metallics, or bold and vibrant solid colors, these cards can get printed in whatever color you desire.

Where to get the painted edge business cards printing in Dubai?

When it’s about representing your business, you assuredly don’t need any risks because that’s what the cards do. Thus it would be best to consider the professionals who can do the best color edge business card printing in Dubai to ensure nothing goes wrong.

You don’t need to be worried as we provide the finest card printing services. You can hire us and get the pained edge business card printing in Dubai started today at the most affordable prices. Throw all your concerns away and level up your business’s marketing today by getting the exquisite business cards printed in no time.


Are you tired of searching for professionals who can do the finest business card printing in Dubai for you? No need to be hassling around anywhere anymore as the following article has every piece of information regarding painted edge business card printing in Dubai.

Read the entire article and learn more about why you should consider getting the color edge business cards to represent your business in a better way.

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